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Adele Kelly Appraisers

A community-minded business, working for the betterment of Renfrew County.

Dependable, efficient, professional

Membership & Qualifications

- Candidate for CRA (Credited Residential Appraiser ) for the Appraisal Institute of Canada

- Presently carry two E&O Insurance





CRA Courses

  • Foundations of Real Estate Appraisal
  • Communication/Business Report Writing
  • Real Property Assessment Administration
  • Residential Property Analysis
  • Canadian Real Property Law and Real Estate Ethics
  • Standards Seminar (USPAP)
  • Micro Foundations of Real Estate Economics
  • Capital Markets and Real Estate
  • Statistical and Computer Applications in Valuation
  • Single-Family Guided Case Study
  • 2012 AIC Professional Practice Seminar

DAR Courses

  • Is the Comparable, Comparable
  • The Principles of Residential Real Estate Appraising
  • Introduction to Income Property Appraising
  • Construction and Development of Residential Real Estate Appraising
  • Market Data Analysis
  • Professional Standards of Practice
  • Standards Review
  • Appraisers Ethics and Residential Appraisal Report Writing


  • Introduction to Real Estate Segment 1
  • Introduction to Real Estate Segment 2
  • Introduction to Real Estate Segment 3
  • Principles of Mortgage Financing
  • Principles of Appraisal
  • Real Property Law and ICI


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Adele Kelly
Appraiser, CEO

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Adele Kelly Appraisers • 380 Moffat Street • Pembroke, ON K8A 3X7, Canada • Phone: (613) 735-3185 • Email: • Web: